Planet Booty is probably not what you think it is. If you haven’t yet experienced the infectious power of their live shows, or danced and sweated along with these six impressively talented musicians, or felt the intense, penetrating gaze of frontman Dylan Charles Germick as he begs you, in all sincerity, to love yourself no matter what… then you don’t quite have the full picture yet.

Conceptualized in 2009 by brothers — and Indiana-to-California transplants — Nathan Germick (keys/electronics) and Dylan Germick (vocals/trumpet/beats), the band organically grew over the next few years into the endorphin-fueled, electro-funk dance party machine it is today with Josh Cantero (vocals/keys/trombone), Rob Gwin (bass/percussion), Mike Reed (drums) and Max Rich (guitar).

The band has embraced styles ranging from classic Miami Bass, Prince, Talking Heads, Dee-Lite and The JB’s, to the modern beats of Major Lazer, Chromeo, and Daft Punk. The resulting sound is a smart and playful blend of electronic dance music with live instrumentation, all serving a simple obsession with spreading joy, making asses shake, and cultivating the positive self images of its followers.

Having developed a cult-like live following in the Bay Area, the band has steadily toured up and down the West coast for the last three years. They’ve gained a reputation for pushing each show to the limit, especially at shows closer to home, where they will often add additional singers, dancers, and horn sections to up the ante and keep it fresh.

In between live performances, the group has kept up an ambitious stream of self-produced, freely available online content including their 2009 full length album “Planet Booty”, their 2012 EP “Success”, six self-produced music videos and dozens of ambitiously zany-yet-endearing promotional video shorts. Planet Booty’s highly-anticipated forthcoming LP “FUTURESWEAT” will be released October 7, 2014 on the Aerobic International label. The album release will be supported by a Fall 2014 West Coast tour.

“Planet Booty’s rabble-rousing, sweat-a-thon theatrics are just part of the package, which includes a ‘Soul Train’-worthy six-piece band playing an infectious blend of funk, soul, R&B and electro.” — SF Examiner

“Planet Booty are my favorite band. That is all.” — Jane Wiedlin of the Go Go’s

“Seeing this band live, is PHENOMENAL. Its a high energy show, & super sweaty. Killer dancing, with a splash of theatrics for an all over fantastic experience. Planet Booty makes every cell in my body feel amazing & I can’t get enough of it!” — Crazed fan on facebook

“Not to get too caught up amongst the posterior puns, it should be noted that, above all, Planet Booty packs a serious musical punch behind their antics.” — Life Is Awesome

“Dylan Germick is a true performer and every moment on stage he is there to entertain.” — Spinning Platters