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Dance to their eclectic electro-funk, grind to their original R’n’B grooves, and sweat under the intense, penetrating gaze of frontman Dylan Charles Germick as he begs you, in all sincerity, to love yourself no matter what.

Conceived in Oakland, CA by two Indiana brothers, Planet Booty first emerged along the west coast as a 6-to-10-piece funk and soul dance party powerhouse with a reputation for limit-pushing and theatrics. But it was their later incarnation as a multitasking three-piece (Dylan Germick on vocals and trumpet, Josh Cantero on vocals and keys, Rob Gwin on bass and percussion) that caught the attention of national and festival circuits, with a more intimate connection and yet an even more powerful experience.

Planet Booty released their fifth record, Guilty Pleasure, in 2019.

“An infectious blend of funk, soul, R&B and electro…” — SF Examiner

“holy shit @planetbooty is my new favorite band” — Brian Wecht of Ninja Sex Party (6/16/18)

“They had us laughing and dancing the entire time, the crowd was going nuts.” — Broke Ass Stuart

“Their vigor and passion is incredible and virtually unmatched by any show I’ve been to” — Albuquerque Alibi

“An itch ‘n’ scratchy electro beat and young-funk in its heart…” – Raw Ramp

“Dylan Germick is a true performer and every moment on stage he is there to entertain.” — Spinning Platters

“Planet Booty are my favorite band. That is all.” — Jane Wiedlin of the Go Go’s

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