Planet Booty Press Kit

Planet Booty’s sound is a divine mixtape of pop, R&B, 90’s house, 70’s funk and classic hip-hop that might have been made by your strangely attractive high school gym coach. Their sexual diversity, unrelenting energy, showmanship and body positivity transforms any venue into an inclusive, sensually charged safe space. Planet Booty released their latest single “SXFNK” in 2024.

“Planet Booty woke up Outside Lands …. giving festival early birds a much-appreciated boost of passion and self-love.” – San Francisco Chronicle

“Flamboyant empowerment pop” – Uproxx

“If the music is that good… you start to be pulled to it literally” – EDM Identity

“Planet Booty …evoked cheers and shouts of ‘BOOTY!’ from a fervent audience.” – San Francisco Examiner