Planet Booty Press Kit

“Planet Booty woke up Outside Lands …. giving festival early birds a much-appreciated boost of passion and self-love.” – San Francisco Chronicle

“Flamboyant empowerment pop” – Uproxx

“If the music is that good… you start to be pulled to it literally” – EDM Identity

“Planet Booty …evoked cheers and shouts of ‘BOOTY!’ from a fervent audience.” – San Francisco Examiner

Planet Booty Bio:

Somewhere between sermon and strip tease…old school funk and dj dance club… sincerity and innuendo… lies Planet Booty. Live shows leave unexpecting audiences soaked in sweat and inspired as Planet Booty’s unrelenting energy and sexual positivity infuse their explicit, highly charged dance anthems and occasional heartfelt ballad. Their ability to transform any venue into an inclusive, sexually charged safe space catalyzed by a never ending fountain of showmanship has earned them a fiercely dedicated, cult-like fan base across North America and Europe, a 2022 festival appearance at Outside Lands in San Francisco, and opening spots for the likes of Lizzo, Big Freedia, Ninja Sex Party, Sisqo, Peaches, K Flay, Capital Cities, TWRP, Escort, Turquoise Jeep.

Singers Dylan Charles Germick and Josh Cantero, backed by bassist Rob Gwin and drummer Blake Ritterman — combine multiple live instruments and electronics into a mixtape of pop, R&B, 90’s house, 70’s funk and classic hip-hop that might have been made by your strangely attractive high school gym coach. Their fourth full-length album “YES”, released in September 2021 and featuring an all-star cast of national and Bay Area musicians, is Planet Booty’s most mature and articulate delivery of their unique brand of irreverent west coast party funk preaching body positivity and acceptance.