Spinning Platters: Planet Booty at the Blue Macaw 11/4/09


I love San Francisco.  I love the weather, I love the variety and I love that sometimes you can just go hang out with friends at a bar and see a really good show.  Not that I stumbled upon this show, I planned on going to see a friend perform, but I was very surprised with the overall quality of the performance.  And I love the idea that I could have just happened to walk into this bar and ended up sweating the night away watching the amazing dance party that is the band Planet Booty.

After the first song it is apparent that they have the musical chops to back up the silliness.  They are dressed all in white and the theatrics start right away, with keyboardist Nathan Germick eating a bowl of “Magic Booty Snacks” while frontman Dylan Germick struts in.  Soon after the dance party begins.  The driving bass line, booty heavy lyrics and catchy melodies  just beg you to dance, and dance and dance.  The audience obliged and by the end of the show both band and audience were dripping in sweat.

That’s not to say all Planet Booty has to offer is a dance party.  If you want to stand in the back and watch you will not be disappointed either.  Dylan Germick is a true performer and every moment on stage he  is there to entertain.  His vocals and dance moves are equally wonderful.  And if that wasn’t enough the band members’ almost constant trade off of instruments is fun to watch as well.  The bass player plays drums, the guitarist plays bass, the keyboardist does backing vocals and drums, and the percussionist Josh Cantero plays Marimba, cowbell, trombone, synths and vocals.  Josh’s vocals were particularly excellent.  When he came up front to sing and dance with Dylan that was when the party really got started; by the dual-action booty shaking.

If you want to have a couple drinks with friends and sweat the night away to a fun band I highly recommend Planet Booty.  It’s much more fun in person than my words can express since I have to adhere to the rules of grammar and spelling but, while watching Planet Booty, you can just dance and laugh and forget any cares you may have had when you got there.