Broke Ass Stuart: Get Some Booty In Your Life

I first got to see Planet Booty at the old Cafe Du Nord, it was a sweaty, high energy, free for all, that involved great beats, costumes, emceeing, and butt cheeks clapping. In short we had a blast, they had us laughing and dancing the entire time, the crowd was going nuts. They were also nice enough to answer a few of our question on just how the magic happens. If you think you’re up for the dance-off, check out Planet Booty at that The Chapel this Saturday Jun 27th.

Name(s): Dylan Charles Germick, Josh Cantero, Rob Gwin

Where ya’ll from?
Our band is based out of Oakland but originally I’m from Northwest Indiana, Josh is from Northern California and Rob is from Connecticut.

Are you a Butt or Breast man and why?
Well obviously I have a penchant for Booty – it is absolutely essential in the act of dancing and it is a physical attribute that is shared by both men and women of all types. However, what I prefer and preach about the most is self-confidence – not to be confused with cockiness. When someone is truly comfortable in their own skin they can make any part of themselves seem irresistible.

Where did you first perform in SF? How did it go?
The Blue Macaw – formerly 12 Galaxies – currently Balancoire. We brought in a giant inflatable ass, had a magician open up for us, and the club owner was housing a giant Macaw bird in her office with newspaper and bird shit everywhere. 20-30 of our closet friends and some brave acquaintances stood with mouths agape for about 35 minutes trying to figure out what the hell was unfolding in front of them and before they knew it their asses couldn’t stop moving. I almost passed out from sweating and heat exhaustion – but that’s every show. We have been converting people from all over the Bay and West Coast since.

Whose the hot brunette chick that performs with ya’ll sometimes?
That is the very talented and bad ass Lady Emasita. We have lost her to LA like a lot of other good people recently in the Bay. Though we hope she isn’t gone forever we have had a lot of amazing people join us onstage in the last year and a half including SF circus star Kara Nova, Donna Walton and the girls from Atomic Allure in Oakland, and also the transgender hip-hop troop Mama’s Boyz from the East Bay.

Any stories about a crazy night out in SF?
Planet Booty has played at so many different types of shows from big to bizarre and the state in which we whip people up into makes for so many memorable stories that it’s hard to single out one particular night. We played at an all Bunny themed Burningman party, Hunky Jesus at Dolores Park, Project Nunway, Bay 2 Breakers, a Clown Carnival at the DNA Lounge as well as the headlining the Great American Music Hall, opening for Wallpaper at The Independent, and playing at Bimbo’s with a 14 piece MJ tribute band Foreverland – all ridiculously epic shows. Once we played the Milk Bar maybe a year and a half ago and this group of younger gents were overcome with the spirit of the Booty. At the end of the show they found their way to the upstairs green room area. After about 1000 hugs and appreciated but drunken looped conversation for god knows how long we led the guys downstairs. After one of them slipped and fell half way down the stairs they tried to get into the backstage storage area thinking it was the exit, they literally broke the door to the backstage in half and were kicked out. When we were leaving the club at about 2 or 3 am we saw our newly minted Booty fans sitting against the building outside having it out with some cops who were trying to detain one of their friends. We weren’t surprised to see the cops with those guys but we were surprised when some younger kid, unaffiliated with anyone, walked across the street by the cop and said FUUUUCKK YOOOOOOU PIG!!! All the cops immediately jumped on the new guy , slammed him on the ground, and the Booty fans against the wall slipped away into the night. The Booty works in mysterious ways.

Who do you like to perform with?
Anyone who isn’t afraid to pour the entire contents of their heart out into an audience. When people love what they do it is infectious and inspirational. Some of our Bay Area Favs – Double Duchess, Midtown Social, Collaj , La Gente

Favorite artists out there right now?
I just saw D’Angelo at the Fox in Oakland and I am having a really hard time remembering anything else exists musically right now.

Favorite free thing to do in SF?
Exchanging smiles with anyone willing. Body rolling when the time feels right.

Favorite dive bar?
Thieves Tavern in SF, The Layover in Oakland

How would you describe your style of music?
Electro Funk/Pop/R&B, some have called it SexFunk, others simply ‘transformational’

What can we expect at a Planet Booty concert?
Dancing for those who need it, entertainment for those that crave it, and earnestness you have not felt from a stage in a long time. You will dance with the whole room and you will laugh at people losing their shit. You will be thoroughly surprised on how much actual star power is on the stage.