Bay Bridged: Planet Booty to float sex in the air at Starline in Oakland
Carla Bova

Sex is in the air for Planet Booty, the high-energy electro-funk trio whose latest single was inspired by the sights and spirit of the East Bay city the band calls home.

“I got the song in my head one day when I was walking around Oakland. It was a beautiful warm day, one of those days where every lady you see has got a little cute dress on. All the guys are walking around, got their sunglasses on. People just have a smile on their face,” singer Dylan Charles Germick said.

“It was a Friday so there was also that weekend energy. There was that feeling of, ‘Something fun is going to happen tonight.’ Anticipation is in the air. Electricity is in the air. And so sex is in the air.”

Germick’s observations during his stroll in the Lake Merritt area that day sparked “Sex Is In The Air,” a funky R&B tune with an ’80s vibe, that was released yesterday.

While the song is in keeping with Planet Booty’s feel-good style of uplifting music that makes people dance, it is on an upcoming album that overall displays a new side to this jovial band.

“This album has a wide range of sound and emotions, from the real ridiculous and fun and unabashed joy of Planet Booty to other feelings of uncertainty and self-doubt. It’s a little bit of everything for everyone but still plenty of booty for the world to enjoy,” Germick explained. “We are still very much ourselves but we wanted to show the world that we have a lot to offer, not just emotionally and substantively, but also sonically.”

The nine-track album, called Naked, will be out August 29, 2017. Germick said the project started with one single called “Naked” and grew into a multi-genre, Kickstarter-funded album that has been in the works for more than a year.

“It became this organic body of work that we didn’t necessarily set out to do. It just kind of came out of us,” Germick said. “This is straight from the page to the studio with no vetting in between so there is a little bit of uncertainty there. It’s a new feeling to be putting ourselves out there a little bit more and we are not really sure how people are going to react.”

Planet Booty will play its new music at Starline Social Club on July 28, 2017 in a show that will also feature electro-synth pop band Parentz and R&B duo Hi Scores before an audience of family and friends and people who get it.

“In Oakland it just feels right,” Germick said. “The dancing, the humor, the funkiness of our show, the all-inclusiveness of it – you could use those same words to describe Oakland.”

“There is going to be a lot of love in the room and a ton of sweat. Oakland understands our language, no explanation needed. It’s just all joy.”

The show kicks of the band’s Pacific Northwest tour that includes stops in Eugene, Seattle, and Portland.