Orlando Weekly: Out to get everyone to clap those cheeks

Thaddeus McCollum

The trio from Oakland, California, have a slew of ridiculously oversexed YouTube music videos for tracks like “Das Booty” and “Junk in the Trunk” that show a love for everything from 2 Live Crew sex raps, Miami bass, New Orleans bounce and Peter Frampton-esque talkboxes to straight-up disco. It’s a combination that’s nigh-irresistible on the dancefloor, but paired with openers like the raunch queen Luscious Lisa and rappers Bleubird and Rickolus’ Hurricane Party project, this becomes one of the hottest parties of the summer. Get naked.

Off Beat Fest: Eclectic, dynamic and relatively weird

Tony Contini

Planet Booty headlined and blew the Reno venue apart with laughter and twerking. The Oakland three-piece with a Chromeo-vibe also meets at the intersection of talent and hilarity with endearing choruses about taking off your pants. Frontman Dylan Germick has the rap skills of a dirty Macklemore and the croons of a raunchy Brian McKnight. He’s a preacher who makes booty endearing.

Ninja Sex Party Brings Positive Reinforcement and Boner Rock to the Agora

BJ Colangelo

Planet Booty is easily one of the best opening acts I’ve seen in a long while. It’s like a woke-as-fuck musical assembly at a public school teaching consent, sex positivity and booty appreciation. Frontman Dylan Germick is an electric presence and had every audience member, regardless of gender identity or age, eating out of the palm of his hand. With songs like “Naked” and “Take Off Your Pants,” it would be easy to dismiss the band as another sex-crazed party act, but between songs, Germick and co-vocalist Josh Cantero would wax poetic about being true to yourself, embracing your sexuality, letting your freak flag fly and loving and living your truth. 

Planet Booty at the Oakland Uptown

Aaron Carnes

Dancing is a legit workout even if that isn’t the reason you go out on a Friday night, get loaded, and shake your moneymaker. Local electro-funk band Booty Planet wants you to have fun dancing at its show, but the group also wants you to burn some calories. The word “sweat” appears in Booty Planet’s songs and website repeatedly. Sure, the guys are talking about “making love” and “having a good time,” but we get what they really mean: exercise. They got that semi-retro and electric, ’80s funk sound that will immediately remind you of the workout videos your mom used to watch. Fun grooves aside, the band keeps the whole affair lighthearted and with just a dash of tongue-in-cheek irony. (Planet Booty, anyone?) But hey, it’s good to laugh a little while you’re working out.

Tupper Ware Remix Party w/ Planet Booty in Toronto

Chris Murphy

Oakland, California’s Planet Booty took to the stage and were welcomed by Toronto with a hot fever. The group did not take long to kick the crowd into a sweat-soaked frenzy. This was my first time witnessing Planet Booty and the three-piece they did not disappoint!

Be a part of musical history and catch TWRP & Planet Booty on their “Together Through Time tour.”

Planet Booty and TWRP unite for a “Tactile Sensation”

Carla Bova

“We really didn’t understand how awesome they were until we saw them live,” Doctor Sung said of Planet Booty. “I vividly recall being two songs into their set, and me and one of the other guys in TWRP just looked at each other with dumb grins on our faces, and almost in unison proclaimed, ‘This is my new favorite band.’”

Top 20 Bay Area Bands of 2017

Stefan Aronsen

PLANET BOOTY: In addition to being great guys that are fun to spend time with, the band had an amazing year. They played shows in SF as well as festivals like SxSW, Santa Cruz Music Festival, and performed in cities like Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Pontiac, Iowa City, Chicago, Phoenix, Albuquerque, and Denver. If you’re fortunate enough to see them in a venue near you, watch out for Dylan, he’s bound to release the freak inside you while progressively getting more naked.