East Bay Express: Oakland Is Where I Got The Game From

Deanna Boutte

The Santa Cruz Music Festival took place last weekend. Pacific Avenue in downtown Santa Cruz hosted local vendors, a comedy jaunt, yoga classes, a bike party, a live discussion panel, and much more. Let’s talk music though — with so many different genres teaming up to put on a multi-faceted showcase, it was quite an exhibit.

One of the acts that took the Blue Lagoon stage on Saturday night was Oakland’s own, Planet Booty. The trio consists of Dylan Germick, Josh Cantero, and Rob Gwin. Planet Booty is a group who can’t simply be labeled under one genre. Rather, a melodic mix of old-school funk, soul, jazz, dance, house, disco, and R&B. Planet Booty also incorporates electronic beats with live instrumentation for an original, but unique sound. The Express spoke with Dylan Germick, the group’s lead singer.

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The Bay Bridged: Be the first to see Planet Booty get “Naked”

Carla Bova

Fresh off their Kickstarter success and true to their word, the guys of Oakland’s electro-funk-R&B band Planet Booty have produced a revealing high-energy video for their latest single, “Naked.”

Full of fun and dance, the video overflows with thumping Planet Booty personality. The band delivers joy through beats, laughter through lyrics, and a lot of skin. It is an undressed spectacle that presents the trio’s heartfelt message of self-confidence while setting up a playful striptease.

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The Bay Bridged: Life Is Good On Planet Booty

Carla Bova

Funky. Fun. Feel-good. That’s Planet Booty. And plenty fans and backers agree. The electro-funk-R&B band out of Oakland surpassed its recent $22,000 Kickstarter goal — reaching $25,403 — no sweat. But for Planet Booty it is all about the sweat.

The funds will back a project the trio calls “the next evolution of sweat,” which includes making a music video for the band’s latest single, “Naked,” and recording a vinyl EP of the same name.

“When I perform I am dancing like a crazy person, sweating like a crazy person, going up to guys and girls alike, old and young,” said frontman Dylan Charles Germick. “It is about enjoying the moment for what it is, a moment of fun and a release.”
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Raw Ramp: Freak Inside at PLANET BOOTY

Neil Mach

The freakin’ electro-funk group Planet Booty from Oakland, CA includes long-time best friends: Dylan Charles Germick (vocals, trumpet, beats), Josh Cantero (vocals, keyboard, trombone) and Rob Gwin (bass, percussion, software). Their new video for the song “Freak Inside” is a perfect example of their ability to entertain and make great music. This has an itch ‘n’ scratchy electro beat and young-funk in its heart. With dynamic percussion, absorbing vocals and an innate RnB sensibility — this reminds us of Major Lazer. Sweat-inducing funk, vital rhythms and golden, butter-rolled soul… all wrapped up and delivered with some hypnotic dance-synths.

Albuquerque Alibi: Planet Booty Bounces Into Town

Megan Reneau

I was surprised at the amount of people that were at Stereo, some of the people I talked to before the show didn’t know a band was going to play but by the end of the first song most of the people were dancing. The electro-funk trio that completes Planet Booty was extraordinarily energetic and charismatic during their performance. Seeing them reminded me of seeing a friend’s show. It felt personal when they would motion at individuals, dance with people and chatted and (especially) approached and thanked individuals for coming to the show and the entire audience collectively.
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Chicago Music Seen: Planet Booty at The Hideout


Electro-funk pop soul dance trio Planet Booty met the expectations suggested by their chosen name and proved to be nothing short of entertaining … PB appears to have gathered some steam in Chicago gathering an appreciative audience willing to shake their booties upon request. Several fans wore white headbands, a PB trademark, providing evidence of having a Chicago fan base …

Broke Ass Stuart: Get Some Booty In Your Life


I first got to see Planet Booty at the old Cafe Du Nord, it was a sweaty, high energy, free for all, that involved great beats, costumes, emceeing, and butt cheeks clapping. In short we had a blast, they had us laughing and dancing the entire time, the crowd was going nuts. They were also nice enough to answer a few of our question on just how the magic happens. If you think you’re up for the dance-off, check out Planet Booty at that The Chapel this Saturday Jun 27th.
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Music.com: Get To Know Planet Booty

If the name Planet Booty doesn’t grab your attention, then we’re not sure what will.

Again, Planet. Booty.

You with us? Ok, good. Now that we’ve got you engaged, we’ll explain what, or in this case, who, Planet Booty is. Better yet, we’ll let the endorphin-fueled electro-funk dance group tell you themselves in an exclusive Music.com Q & A interview.
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Mercury News: Top 10 Bay Area Acts Playing SXSW 2015

Jim Harrington

Get ready to dance, Austin, because these Oakland electro-funk champs are headed your way. Planet Booty draws inspiration from sources both classic (Prince, Talking Heads) and modern (Major Lazer, Chromeo) to create its own brand of boogie fever. The group was founded by the Germick brothers — Dylan (vocals/trumpet/beats) and Nathan (keyboards and electronic doohickeys).