The Daily Californian: Planet Booty’s music is more than just the booty of jokes
Caitlin Kelly

Planet Booty wants you to know that they’re not just a joke band. Even though they don skimpy sailor costumes and write songs about — who would’ve thought — booties, they are taking their sound in a more serious direction come June 2, when their second full-length album, Future Sweat, drops. Their performance at Oakland Drops Beats on Saturday is the first leg of promotion for Planet Booty’s summer tour and album release.
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MusicInPress: Planet Booty are Men on a Mission
Chelsea Jeheber

Shake your tail feather, that’s the mission of these men. Get down, get funky, feel the groove, feel the soul and ladies, please adjust your dresses before leaving. Planet Booty, a couple of brothers from San Francisco, not only share a blood line, but a pure and almost unholy desire for you to shake that ass. Shake that ass.

I grew up listening to funk. My mom loved it, she loves to dance and she loves to get down. I am a shameless dancer myself, I got it from my momma and thanks to her, my ears know a thing or two about the good “stuff.” It’s called funk, and Planet Booty knows what’s up about getting funky. Their beats are a danceable mixture of soul and R&B with a rhythmic groove of electric bass.
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Bay Bridged: Everyday Lightning
Russell Jelinek

I’ll be honest: when I initially saw that East Bay funk band Planet Booty submitted to The Bay Bridged, I didn’t think I would enjoy what I was about to hear. In the past, I’ve complained about how bad modern efforts at funk have been, and the first photo I saw of them was six guys posed around what appears to be an ass-shaped disco ball. Also, their name is “Planet Booty”. Still, I gave it a chance (we listen to ALL submissions at The Bay Bridged), and I’m glad I did. The talk box intro on “Treat My Body Right” over heavy synths and subtle guitar hooked me, and things just got better (and more funky) from that point forward.
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Life Is Awesome: Planet Booty at the Mint
Christopher Powell

WARNING: This review contains explicit booty!

Descending upon Los Angeles at The Mint this past Sunday, the inhabitants of Planet Booty arrived in the form of a 6-piece electro-funk group. Armed with tasty tunes, they came prepared to abduct minds and inspire an intergalactic warfare of shaking tail feathers. By way of the Bay Area, these bouncing individuals carry with them the proclaimed mission to ensure by the next morning each and every member of the audience would “wake up and realize how truly beautiful their booty is”.

Presented in outfits reminiscent of icons ranging from James Brown and Miami Vice to LL Cool J and Spinal Tap, the ensemble’s garb was living the words of their undeniably entertaining song, “Dress For Success” (Be sure to check out the music video on YouTube). However, the clothes would prove to be only the tip of the fun to erupt.
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The SF Examiner: Shakin’ it with Planet Booty’s funky soul
By: Lauren Gallagher
Special to The SF Examiner

Part of the magic of a live performance is that anything can happen. Bay Area band Planet Booty has seen its share of miscellaneous mischief.

A male yoga devotee split his pants dancing a kung-fu-hustle crossover, a girl once turned a fire extinguisher on the crowd, and one sweaty slip landed a Planet Booty fan in the emergency room with a twisted ankle.

“Hopefully this time we’ll just have fun,” frontman Dylan Germick says of the band’s show at the Mission district’s Blue Macaw on Friday.  “We have nothing but the best intentions, but people just get excited.”
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Spinning Platters: Planet Booty at the Blue Macaw 11/4/09

I love San Francisco.  I love the weather, I love the variety and I love that sometimes you can just go hang out with friends at a bar and see a really good show.  Not that I stumbled upon this show, I planned on going to see a friend perform, but I was very surprised with the overall quality of the performance.  And I love the idea that I could have just happened to walk into this bar and ended up sweating the night away watching the amazing dance party that is the band Planet Booty.

After the first song it is apparent that they have the musical chops to back up the silliness.  They are dressed all in white and the theatrics start right away, with keyboardist Nathan Germick eating a bowl of “Magic Booty Snacks” while frontman Dylan Germick struts in.  Soon after the dance party begins.  The driving bass line, booty heavy lyrics and catchy melodies  just beg you to dance, and dance and dance.  The audience obliged and by the end of the show both band and audience were dripping in sweat.
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