Bay Bridged: Everyday Lightning
Russell Jelinek

I’ll be honest: when I initially saw that East Bay funk band Planet Booty submitted to The Bay Bridged, I didn’t think I would enjoy what I was about to hear. In the past, I’ve complained about how bad modern efforts at funk have been, and the first photo I saw of them was six guys posed around what appears to be an ass-shaped disco ball. Also, their name is “Planet Booty”. Still, I gave it a chance (we listen to ALL submissions at The Bay Bridged), and I’m glad I did. The talk box intro on “Treat My Body Right” over heavy synths and subtle guitar hooked me, and things just got better (and more funky) from that point forward.

Nathan Germick, who started Planet Booty as a studio project with his brother Dylan, explained to me what the band is all about. “Our mission is to pursue the sounds that we’re passionate about and not get hung up on insecurities along the way,” says Germick. “Our hope is that ethos rubs off on the audience. You can be sexy, laugh at yourself, and seriously chase your passions all at the same time.”

I suggest you take his advice – don’t judge Planet Booty by their name or promo shot, judge them by the fantastic grooves they lay down. You’ll have a lot of fun if you do. Check out the song that roped me in, “Treat My Body Right”, followed by their new video for “Everyday Lightning”, below. The large white suit in the video should give you a not-so-subtle hint about one the band’s major influences. I’m not sure exactly what the glowing codpiece gives you, but I do know that it’s not subtle. Planet Booty will perform at Public Works February 15.