MusicInPress: Planet Booty are Men on a Mission
Chelsea Jeheber

Shake your tail feather, that’s the mission of these men. Get down, get funky, feel the groove, feel the soul and ladies, please adjust your dresses before leaving. Planet Booty, a couple of brothers from San Francisco, not only share a blood line, but a pure and almost unholy desire for you to shake that ass. Shake that ass.

I grew up listening to funk. My mom loved it, she loves to dance and she loves to get down. I am a shameless dancer myself, I got it from my momma and thanks to her, my ears know a thing or two about the good “stuff.” It’s called funk, and Planet Booty knows what’s up about getting funky. Their beats are a danceable mixture of soul and R&B with a rhythmic groove of electric bass.

They are bizarre and ridiculous at times but in the best of ways of course. I mean, they have giant ass hats for heaven’s sake! But their music does not lie, funk does not lie, and your ass won’t be a liar either once you get on that dance floor. Planet Booty will be appearing at this year’s Brokechella in Los Angeles. I recommend grabbing your booty shorts and checking them out.