Outside Lands’ Biggest Stage


Described on the festival’s website as “somewhere between sermon and striptease” and “sincerity and innuendo,” singers Dylan Germick and Josh Cantero and bassist Rob Gwin entertained Outside Lands early birds with themes of self love, body positivity and acceptance.

“We’ve always wanted to be at a festival because we can be loud and bold, big and outlandish enough to get someone’s attention,” said Germick.

Planet Booty did just that by inviting the crowd to dance, sweat and be healed for 45 minutes. Between songs, Germick held up a disco ball derrière that evoked cheers and shouts of “BOOTY!” from a fervent audience.

By the time Planet Booty’s last song finished blasting through the Polo Field grounds, first-time listeners sang the band’s praises while meandering to their next stop and long-time listeners rejoiced at the sight of yet another local band playing Outside Lands’ biggest stage.