Outside Lands 2022


High-energy, sensual electro-funk powerhouse Planet Booty woke up Outside Lands with its infectious party beats, sex-positive lyrics and seductive dance moves, giving festival early birds a much-appreciated boost of passion and self-love.

Wrapped in sequins, mesh and lace, vocalists Dylan Charles Germick and Josh Cantero, bassist Rob Gwin and drummer Blake Ritterman led by example and got the crowd dancing, shouting and twerking to “Squat,” “Dancing in My Bedroom” and “Das Booty.”

“How does my ass look on the jumbotron?” Germick asked between songs, flaunting his assets.

After getting the crowd cheering by pulling back his lace catsuit to reveal sparkly star pasties, the singer emphasized a necessary prerequisite for engaging in the pleasure they celebrate.

“It’s 2022, we all know what to do! If you’re trying to get some loving, you need to wait until he, she or they say, ‘Yes!’ ” Germick shouted before diving into the group’s sexy consent anthem, “Only If You Say Yes.”

As the set came to a close, Planet Booty expressed its gratitude for its first Outside Lands appearance.

“We’ve been coming to this for years, and this is a dream come true,” Germick said. “The next time you doubt yourself, you remember that these four weird-ass, freaky motherf—ers. We believe in you!”

— Joy Diamond